Poultry farming business plan in india pdf printer

Peacock farming is not a new business idea.

Poultry farming business plan in india pdf printer

Large-scale pastured poultry farming in the U. Nine of these farmers agreed to take part in the survey. Who are the large-scale producers?

poultry farming business plan in india pdf printer

These farmers have a variety of backgrounds. They have been raising pastured poultry for 7. Five do not have prior farming experience, and three have some off-farm income. Their operations range in size from 4, to 50, chickens sold per year, with an average of 14, chickens.

How do they raise their chickens? Five of the producers switched to a day range system to reduce labor. These producers move greenhouse-type buildings that house the chickens about once a week and move electrified netting daily around the greenhouse to rotate pastures.

What kind of labor is required?

Trends and Facts About Chicken Franchises

Labor requirements are one signficant limitation of large scale-pastured poultry operations. Many of the tasks, such as watering, feeding, and cleaning out brooder houses, are done by hand. And labor is not simply a matter of hours: Rain and heat are big killers.

Only three of these producers raise pastured poultry year round. The others start from February to May and finish in October and November. Who provides the labor? Producers in this study used both family labor, including husband and wife, children, nieces, and nephews, and hired labor.

On six of the farms, husbands and wives both work on pastured poultry production. Table 1 below shows that, on the farms raising 4, to 10, chickens, families provide most of the labor. During the pastured poultry season, they work about 2.

Farms raising over 10, to 25, chickens depend more on hired labor. These farmers work slightly fewer minutes per bird than the farmers raising 10, or fewer chickens.

They also work almost seven hours a day on pastured chickens through their slightly longer growing season. The largest farm, at 50, chickens, was not included in this analysis. The labor requirements on that farm were much greater than on the other farms, with much more hired labor.

Whether to process chickens on or off farm is an important decision for producers. State regulations, labor and locker plant availability, and cost all influence the decision. In this study, number of chickens sold did not influence the choice.

Five farms processed chickens on farm. An average of 2. Because of differences in income and other costs, producers processing on farm were not necessarily more profitable than those doing so off farm.

poultry farming business plan in india pdf printer

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Given the lack of published information on organic poultry production in the UK, this study would Business plans 59 Introduction 59 housing offers greater opportunities for the integration of poultry into a diversified organic farming system.

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