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Creative writing department utep

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Creative writing department utep

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The English Department at The University of Texas at El Paso offered its first creative writing course in With this expansion of the curriculum came the first issue of Goodbye Dove.. The literary magazine was a joint effort of the Literary Society, the Student Association, and the new Creative Writing Program headed by J.

Edgar . For our ranking of the Online Master’s in English & Creative Writing winners, we chose online English & Creative Writing degree programs from nonprofit colleges and universities, accredited by independent and trusted accreditation boards, with lower than average tuition costs, and have ranked them by affordability.

The English Department faculty and administration strongly affirm the University's policies on sexual harassment. We are committed to providing a safe education and working environment for our students, faculty, and staff, free from sex and gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, stalking, interpersonal violence, and inappropriate touching or sexualized.

Develop a high level of technical and creative writing skills. Design and develop a full multimedia presentation UTEP faculty and students must strive to achieve excellence based on the quality of work produced by the individual. I am an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems and teach in the Department of Information and.

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