Academic writing accounts

For example, in the event of a 10 a. This procedure applies to all credit classes. In order to be notified by e-mail or text message for any delayed openings or closings, sign up for Owl Alert at http:

Academic writing accounts

Supplemental Instruction SI — Ask questions and get live feedback from instructors in these additional help sessions available for specific online courses. Tutorial Videos and Live Webinars — Webinars and tutorial videos are a great way for you to supplement your education with instructional media that can minimize stress, provide insight into process and procedures you might have questions about and make you feel more a part of Liberty University and all we have to offer.

With our live, full-time research assistants and librarians, you can get the online tutoring or academic support you need to reach your highest potential in scholarship. Find out how to request an interlibrary loan! Whether you are an experienced writer or need help with the basics, the Online Writing Center is here to equip you to reach your potential for academic writing!

Online Writing Center — This page lists all writing resources and Online Writing Center guides, including how you can make an appointment to have a draft reviewed or get academic writing help in an online tutoring session. OWC Writing Aids —A directory of aids for common grammar, punctuation, and general academic writing issues.

OWC Web Resources —Web-based writing resources that can help you in writing papers and assignments, including style guides, citation formatting help, and guides for how to check for plagiarism. Check out our webinar schedule today to see if an upcoming webinar is one that you would benefit from attending!

You can also share this link with your friends and family, as we frequently host prospective and new student webinars they might be interested in attending.

We look forward to connecting live with you from our campus in Lynchburg, Va! Over 30 tutorial videos are available anytime you need assistance! Check out our list of tutorial videosdesigned to help you become a more confident student.

Many courses also offer Supplemental Instruction SI sessions for additional help and practice. Career Center counselors can help you choose a degree program that best fits your skills, abilities, and interests, search for jobs and internships, review and analyze your resume, and connects you to job fair opportunities in your area.

Unless you have previously received credit for a prerequisite course, you must take the assessments before you can register for a MATH or ENGL course so that we can make sure you will be prepared for the course requirements.

Liberty has online academic resources and tricks for reading comprehension, effective notetaking, test preparation, and more! Note Taking — This page contains some handy tips for effective note-taking. Reading Comprehension — Get more out of your reading time with this useful guide for reading comprehension!

Reading Rate Tips — Here are some tips for a better reading rate.

academic writing accounts

Test Anxiety — If you suffer from test anxiety, this guide will give you some ideas to overcome the stress. Exam Preparation — Good test preparation skills are important for demonstrating your knowledge when it counts most. This guide will help you get a handle on the best test preparation tricks.

Time Management — If you struggle to balance your courses with work and other responsibilities, this guide for better time management might be what you need to succeed.

Read More Liberty University Office of Disability Accommodation Support Do you need additional academic support due to a medically diagnosed disability?

Your Admissions Counselor will inform you of any requirements upon receiving an admissions decision. Attention is given to goal-setting, organizing for study, time management, textbook mastery, reading comprehension and rate, listening, memory, note-taking, the motivation for study, test taking, study strategies in other classes and orientation to University services.

Open to all students. Designed to train students in study strategies needed for success in college. The course includes organizing for study, time management, textbook mastery, listening, memory, note-taking, the motivation for study, reading comprehension and rate, test-taking and individual study strategies for other classes.

This course emphasizes functional grammar, paragraph development, vocabulary building, and enrichment reading. Open to all students but required of students who have low scores on national tests or Liberty University placement tests.

This course may not meet the General Education requirement in English. This course will introduce the student to the operation and use of computers. Specific applications taught include operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software.

A review of basic arithmetic and elementary algebra. Open to all students but required of students with low scores on Liberty University placement tests and inadequate preparation in mathematics. A grade of C or better is required to go on to a higher-numbered mathematics course.

This course may not be used in meeting General Education requirements in mathematics. Developmental Math is a component of the Academic Success Center.Toggle navigation.

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